EPUBCLOUD reading app.

How to read


After you have purchased an eBook from a store that worrks with Helicon Books EPUBCLOUD, you open the HBreader application, logs in with email and password used to purchse the book and within few seconds, you will see the books in the application's bookshelf.

Click the book cover image to open the book.

‎Note that the first time the book opens, the application calculates number of pages, so opening time is slightly longer.

To move to the next or previous page, slide your finger from the middle of the screen towards the right or left margin.

To increase font size and line spacing, short click the screen and click the settings icon (top right) from the top action bar, select the desired font size and line spacing, click update and return to the book.

You can page quickly through the book using the slider at the bottom of the screen, or click the table of contents icon at the top action bar (opens after short click on the screen).