EPUBCLOUD reading app.

Helicon Books EPUBCLOUD reading application

Helicon Books cloud (EPUBCLOUD) is used by bookstores to send books directly to customer's reading application.

This websites describs Helicon Books reading application and the cloud.

The application can be installed on any Android device (supporting Android 4.2 and above) or any Apple iOS device (supporting iOS 10 and above).

To download and install:

Get it on google play     Download on the App store    Universal reader

Books can also be read online using the following link: https://pwa.heliconbooks.com


15-11-2020 13:10:00 - Version 4.4

10-05-2020 16:10:00 - Version 3.04 available for Android and iOS

06-05-2020 13:57:00 - Universal app. (PWA)

23-03-2020 18:23:00 - Version 3.0 is available for Android and iOS

05-01-2020 08:48:00 - Version 2.0 is available for Android and iOS